Tracy Fields “Untitled” after Fanjoy Labrenz

Tracy Fields shares her poem inspired by the untitled work of Fanjoy Lanbrenz at the September 17 Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

UNTITLED by Tracy Fields
After “Untitled” by Fanjoy Labrenz
(photo on aluminum – woman standing alone)

Is being alone really lonely?
How do I stand alone?
I am physically alone
But I am not spiritually alone
I know GOD you are with me
This I do believe within me
Looking out this window
I see so much YOU created for all to see
I want to share this view with the one YOU have chosen for me
I want to be loved
I want to be touched
I want to be cherished
I don’t want to be alone, LORD
I know these walls have many faces
Now empty with so much space
Forgive me for all I have done that was a disgrace
My thoughts consume me
I must renew my mind, carnal I cannot be
Will it be LORD, just you and me?
Longing to know what you will have me be
I desire to be his help mate
To the godly man you have chosen for me
What I know you have created me to be
I wait on YOU LORD
I shall never stand alone
I know I am under YOUR wings at YOUR side
As I try to not silently cry inside
For he is worth the wait
YOU won’t forsake me
Therefore I dream of holding his hand
Anticipating you LORD upholding us in YOUR hands
I will continue to stand with YOU
Believing in love, that can come true LORD, YOU would never leave me feeling so blue
I trust your promises are all true
Cause it will forever and always be, me and YOU

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Beverly Finney’s “So Much Love In Those Hands” after Stirling Thompson


Wonderful audience for our Art of Poetry event on Saturday, September 17 at Hickory Museum of Art.  We will be posting poems from this AOP in the coming weeks. Thanks to all who joined us.


Beverly Finney shares her poem at the June 18, 2016 Art of Poetry. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Beverly Finney
after “Love” by Stirling Thompson

Hands reaching out, touching, caressing,
cradling a beloved face for a kiss.
Gently cautioning, beckoning, offering,
encouraging and celebrating.

Hands wringing in worry, signaling
stop, pushing away what threatens.
Soothing a fevered brow, holding a cup
to dry lips, cleaning up after sickness.

Consoling hands, reassuring, forgiving,
praising and quietly praying.
Hands slicing and dicing, mixing, stirring,
gently shaping a crust, deftly fluting its edge.

Hands that dust, sweep, clean toilets,
wash the sheets, fold underwear and socks.
Plant dahlias and daffodils, pull weeds,
gather bright bouquets for sharing.

Hands that sign get well cards, write “Happy
Birthday,” “Merry Christmas” and “I love you.”
Hands turning pages in a favorite shared story,
pointing to pictures with exclamations.

Tucking in for the night, stroking tousled hair,
smoothing the pillow, turning out the light.
Slapping knees at a funny story, keeping
time to the music, waving hello and goodbye.

Hands. Busy hands and firm ones, those soft
and tender, strong and weathered, frail ones.
Hands that speak with expression, quiet hands.
Hands open, warm and welcoming even strangers.

Hands for working, connecting, and caring.
Hands for lifting up and living every moment.
Hands for reminding what matters in the end.
Hands, so much love in those hands.

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Doug McHargue’s “The Red File” after Suzy Hart

imageDoug McHargue reads her Suzy Hart inspired poem at the June 18, 2016 Art of Poetry event.  Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.  

The next Art of Poetry is just around the corner! Please join us at the September 17, 2016 event at Hickory Museum of Art beginning at 2 pm in the front lobby of the museum. It is free to join us as we experience art through poetry.

Douglas McHargue
after “Frank Mason on an Evening Walk” by Suzy Hart

Frank saw one bird
he’d never seen before,
didn’t even write it down,
the black and red so real
it flew into his mind
right beside red silk
Mattie wore that night
he first unfastened
a row of buttons, twenty-five,
a universe more than one.



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Patricia Deaton’s “Zoo of Human Creations” after Stirling Thompson

imagePatricia Deaton shares her poem with Art of Poetry attendees at the June 18, 2016 event at Hickory Museum of Art.  Saturday, September 3, 2016 is the final date to submit works to be considered for the September 17 museum tour through poetry.

Patricia Deaton
after “Love” by Stirling Thompson

This is what love looks like against a brick wall.

Insatiable, needy disquiet–greedy bird beak

siding with ostracized ostrich, out of the loop

surprised by what’s occurred. Two-headed animal

masquerading as loving couple–one duplicit–

male spitting juvenile insults; female counterpart

feigning nonchalance, lost in a time warp of want,

staring down the tracks at a disappearing train.

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Betty O’Hearn’s “Blood Lover” after Erin Gray


Though her new groom is far from a blood sucking vampire – Roger Link is a great guy! – Betty O’Hearn’s sexy poem after Erin Gray’s photograph heralds forbidden love.  Congratulations to Betty and Roger; may your life journey together be one amazing trip! Photo of Betty O’Hearn at the June 18, 2016 Art of Poetry event courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Betty O’Hearn
after “Vampire Tears” by Erin Gray

You loved me for centuries.
Now, left me for another.
On that mountain of field flowers,
kissed by the moon, you tortured
my senses with lust.
My inamorato for a lifetime,
memories linger from the pleasure
met with pain as you took me
into a dark abyss that changed me forever.
You wanted to break me and you did.
Promised immortality.
Promised everlasting beauty.
Two puncture marks began a life I chose.
There is no scorn, as I love you unconditionally.
My red tears are a remembrance
of the blood you took from me.
We will no longer drink our food
together. Kill me. I may be dead but
I only live with and through you, my love.
End my suffering and be done with me.
I will not be without you.

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Melissa Hager’s “Angel Parts” after Jane Voorhees


Melissa Hager reads her poem inspired by Jane Voorhees’s pastel painting at the June 18 Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art.  Submissions are currently being accepted for the September 17 event.  To be considered, poems should be submitted to by midnight September 3, 2016. For submission guidelines, CLICK HERE. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

ANGEL PARTS by Melissa Hager
after “Mountain Whispers” by Jane Voorhees

Cherubim wings brush tousled hillside,
reach from soaring heavens to coax
morning dew from upturned pines,
forest floors, into the sunrise.

Or perhaps tendrils of seraphim hair
float down from stormy skies
to relieve heat of a sultry afternoon
as sun sets on the day.



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Kelly DeMaegd’s “Of This Earth” after Albert Hodge


Kelly DeMaegd introduces her poem beside the Albert Hodge pottery that inspired her at the June 2016 Art of Poetry event. The Folk Art 3rd floor of Hickory Museum of Art is  a permanent display. Be sure to check it out!

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Face Jug” by Albert Hodge

Whisper the words of Elihu.

Hitch mules, load picks,
mattocks, head to the clayhole,
gouge down eight feet,
through orange loam,

strike a vein of gleaming gray.
Dig mud, dip water,
dig mud, fill wagon,
haul to the pug mill.

Grind into fine particles,
remove air bubbles, drag
to wedging bench, cover
with wet burlap, repeat

the words of Elihu,
I too have been
formed out of clay.
Center ball on wheel,

cup work-cracked hands,
hands that cajole
worth from lowly soil,
hands that understand

how to coax creation upwards.

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