“Curves Ahead” by Melissa Hager after Craig Anthony’s photomosaic

Craig Anthony’s intricate photomosaic also inspired several responses. Here is one by Alexander County Children’s Librarian and regular Art of Poetry contributor, Melissa Hager. A photo of Anthony’s original is included below, but this is one work of art you have to see up close and personal to truly appreciate.

Melissa Hager
Based on the photomosaic of Craig Anthony

Signs everywhere, directions,
how to go, how to be. Yet we
are never prepared for the curves
ahead, waylaid on the way
while testing boundaries, cause
for delays, hospital recoveries,
prison stays. Broadsided,
or way ahead of the curve.

Craig Anthony, Curves Ahead, photomosaic

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1 Response to “Curves Ahead” by Melissa Hager after Craig Anthony’s photomosaic

  1. patricia deaton says:

    Great poem, Mel! It says so much.

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