Get Your Poem Started

With that rather weak allusion to the classic Steppenwolf song in honor of the current Road Trip exhibit, I am announcing the details about the next Art of Poetry at the Hickory Museum of Art reading.

The submission deadline is November 30, and the reading will be December 14 at 2:00.

To submit, simply go to the museum, write poems about the works on exhibit, and email them to me at I will choose about 20 poems to be displayed at the museum and to be read (by the author or whatever stand-in we can arrange) at the reading. The reading is free and open to the public. Our audiences have ranged from 15 to 35 people. Then with permission of the poet and artist, I will post the poems on this website afterwards.

Eligible exhibits are as follows:
Road Trip (art about cars), Coe Gallery, 2nd floor
Folk Art, 3rd floor gallery
Glass and Pottery, Objects Gallery, 2nd floor
Poster Art, Entrance Gallery, 1st floor
Chaos and Control, Paintings by Julie Rattley, Regal and Gifford Galleries, 1st floor
Winter Landscapes, Whitener Gallery, 1st floor, begins November 16

Email me at or call me at 828-234-4266 with questions

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2 Responses to Get Your Poem Started

  1. This sounds fascinating. Too bad there’s not a way to visit the museum digitally.

    • wildgoosepoetryreview says:

      You can visit the museum’s website at and see photos of a few of the pieces, and some of the photos here are from exhibits that will still be up at the next reading. Limited options but better than nothing.

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