“Crying Post” by Melissa Hager after Stephen Dee Edwards

Here is another poem from the September Art of Poetry Event. This one is by Melissa Hager and is based on the glasswork of Stephen Dee Edwards. After the image of Edwards’ work there is another poem based on it, this one by Scott Owens, which was read at the June event. Two poetic comments on the same work.

Melissa Hager
Based on the artwork by Stephen Dee Edwards

Ice spirit stares from a land once complete,
frozen. Brilliant blue in solid form,
the sheet feels heat encroach, knows demise
is imminent, the way snow turns to rain,
ice cubes succumb to lemonade.
Icy field’s slow decay melts tears
to murky green waters below, one frigid
drop at a time devouring the floe.

Stephen Dee Edwards, Crying Post, 1996, Hickory Museum of Art Collection, Gift of Sonia and Isaac Luski, 2001.2.5

Scott Owens
After Stephen Dee Edwards

Post, pillar, prop,
surely Atlas cried
tears of stone,
unmoving but not unmoved,
trapped by necessity,
able only to watch

through one blue eye
time go by,
fixed in one place
by the literal weight
of the world
on his shoulders.

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1 Response to “Crying Post” by Melissa Hager after Stephen Dee Edwards

  1. Staci Lynn Bell says:

    Both of these poems are remarkable. The first taking the point of view of the chuck of ice cast an angry and resigned tone.The second is seen through the eyes of a creator. A softer, yet equally poignant view. The sculpture is fantastic. I love how each poet’s different approach also changes the look and feel of the artwork. Excellent Melissa and Scott!

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