“Band of Brothers,” by Kelly DeMaegd, after Bre Crowell’s “Dog Days on Sullivan’s Island”

Kelly DeMaegd

For Dallas and Reno
after Bre Crowell’s “Dog Days on Sullivans Island”

They were a twosome of trouble,
canine equivalents to Frank
and Jesse James. Confederate
bushwhackers, robbery their game.
Your trash can, their stagecoach; your child’s
lunch box, their bank safe; your barbecue,
their savings and loan. Every tree

within twenty square miles, devoid
of bark four feet up; every rotten
stump snuffled, plundered of edible
lichen and fungi; every bush
burgled of berries. In their golden
years, with jowls of an aristocrat
and increasingly arthritic hips,

they employed a driver to slowly
cruise them through the neighborhood,
noses twitching in unison
at the sight of a tomato plant,
recycle bin, lemonade stand.
Outlaws, unfailingly loyal,
bound by blood, driven by sustenance.

Bre Crowell, Dog Days on Sullivans Island, pastel on paper

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6 Responses to “Band of Brothers,” by Kelly DeMaegd, after Bre Crowell’s “Dog Days on Sullivan’s Island”

  1. Heidi Lichtner says:

    To know them was to love them..they ran on their stomachs but no one was more grateful for their loot. Jeff and I are so honored by the tribute. We love you.

    • Kelly D says:

      We could all learn a thing or two from them about going after what you most desire in life!
      Those two doggies were an inspiration!

  2. Gwen DeMaegd says:

    I can really imagine these two dogs through your writing and clever comparisons………I like this!


  3. Ginny Sanford says:

    This makes me cry …

    Sent from Ginny’s iPhone


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