Art of Poetry Reading This Saturday

Don’t forget the reading at the Hickory Museum of Art this Saturday (12/14) from 2 to 3:30. 17 poets (including 5 youngsters and one of the artists) reading 23 poems. Come early, and you can get an early jump on writing poems for the next reading (3/8; deadline for submission 2/22). Listed below are the poets, poems, and inspiring artwork for this Saturday, and below that are the eligible exhibits for the next event.

Patricia Deaton, “Reflux,” after Matt Pfahlert’s “Capsula”
Brenda Smith, “Meditation on the Cobbler’s Shop,” after Henry Gasser
John Womack, “Slices of Life,” after Laurence Sisson’s “Five O’Clock Vacation”
Margaret Erikson, “Belle Isle,” after William Starkweather
Brenda Smith, “On Chaos and Control,” after Juie Rattley
Michael Dennis, “It’s Complicated,” after Allison Rae Nichols
Doug McHargue, “Little Towers,” after Allison Rae Nichols
Betty O’Hearn, “Wooly Worm,” after Robert Levin
Marie Erikson, “Color Dip,” after Stephen Dee Edwards “Untitled, 1987″
Connor Bost, “Color Bags,” after Kate Vogel and John Littleton’s “Arco Bags”
Patricia Deaton, “Roadtripping,” after Vicki Jo Franks’ “Road Trip Prayer Angel”
Scott Owens, “Stopping in Woods,” after Arthur B. Davies’ “Country Lane”
Bill Parlier, “Driving Through the Storm,” after Karen Woods’ “Post”
Kelly DeMaegd, “Unraveled,” after Molly Reilly’s “Departures and Arrivals”
Scott Owens, “Why Every Road Leads to Nostalgia,” after Clayton Joe Young
Cindy Taylor, “Riverbridge,” after James Labrenz
Robert Oren Eades, “A Room Not of My Own,” after Robert Oren Eades
Scott Owens, “Art Appreciation,” after James Harold Jennings’ “Bad Girl Beats Hell Out of Devil”
Olivia Jarman and David Schell, “Mud Man,” after David Jarell’s “Giant Tall Mud Man”
Scott Owens, “Acquainted,” after Clay James’ “California Backroad”
Bud Caywood, “Pushing the Needle Too Far,” after Sheri Denault’s “Beauty Feeds the Beast”
Betty O’Hearn, “Vibrating Lady Harley,” after J. Kay Goron’s “Blue Motorcycle”
Patricia Deaton, “Bud,” after Suzy Hart’s “A Clean Start”

    Exhibits to Write From for March 8 Reading (Deadline to Submit Feb 22 — email to

Faces & Figures: Works from the Permanent Collection (Coe Gallery, January 18 – March 29)

IMAGE*INATION: Catawba Valley Camera Club Photo Competition (Entrance Gallery, January 10 – April 13)

Elizabeth Catlett: Artist – Activist (Shuford Gallery, through March 9)

Chaos & Control: Juie Rattley III (Regal & Gifford Galleries, through March 9)

Snowfall in the City and Country (Whitener Gallery, through March 9)

100th Anniversary of the Armory Show (Windows Gallery, through March 23)

Glass & Pottery from the Museum’s Collection (Objects Gallery, ongoing)

Discover Folk Art (3rd floor Gallery, ongoing)

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