Two Poems on Allison Rae Nichols’ “It’s Complicated”

Here are the first two poems from our December 2013 Art of Poetry reading. Both of these are based on Allison Rae Nichols’ painting “It’s Complicated” (see photo between the poems. The first poem is by regular series contributor, Doug McHargue. The second is by Montessori at Sandy Ford 5th grader, Michael Dennis.

Doug McHargue
after Allison Rae Nichols’ It’s Complicated

She’s tried to make it fit
in this Tailfins Are the Future
two-tone American fantasy.
Something about the iron,
the length and breadth
of art, won’t join
green and yellow gaudy.

But here she is, middle of Paris,
headlights pinning her down
with a man who can’t see
how she’s going back
to kitchen table, pencil and paper,
design little Eiffel Towers,
turn them into plastic,
into millions.

Allison Rae Nichols, It’s Complicated, oil on canvas

Michael Dennis, Grade 5, Montessori at Sandy Ford
after Allison Rae Nichols

It’s complicated what just happened.
You would never understand.
I don’t mean my car broke down
or my new dress ripped.
What really happened is
the Eiffel Tower fell on my car.
I knew you wouldn’t believe it.
Now you’re shaking your head
in dismay. I can understand
’cause I was just as dumbfounded
when I picked it up
and put it back in place.

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