Bud Caywood’s “Procession” after John McIver

John McIver, Procession #1, mixed media, Hickory Museum of Art Collection, Gift of John McIver and John Ebert, 2012.27.2

Bud Caywood
after “Procession #1” by John McIver

There’s no description in the layered movement,
the steps, the quickness; even the ghosts are tired―
bones bent forward in a skin of wind,
leaning into impatience, into anxious unlifelike forms,
reaching for more than oxygen can give―
when the dog of work gnaws at the day’s short bone.
In the end, whenever you go, wherever you are,
you’re there.

image (15)

We gather around to hear Bud Caywood read “Procession”.

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1 Response to Bud Caywood’s “Procession” after John McIver

  1. Douglas Anne McHargue says:

    “Tired ghosts” is a novel idea, as well as ” skin of wind” – great concepts, Bud

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