Kyle Eller’s “Dead Man Jack” after Harold E. Edgerton

Harold E. Edgerton, “Cutting The Card Quickly”

Kyle Eller
after “Cutting the Card Quickly” by Harold E. Edgerton

Jack you’re a dead man
Jack someone loaded the gun
Jack what’s it like when they stare?
You’re playing with half a deck
Jack did you burn or just rip?
Jack what did you do to deserve it?
Where’s your family now, Jack?
Who set you up to be knocked down?
Jack did the bullet hurt when it pierced you?
Jack you’re hanging on a wall for all to see
Jack I think you were murdered in a frenzy
Killed, framed, and ashamed made a lesson for us all.

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1 Response to Kyle Eller’s “Dead Man Jack” after Harold E. Edgerton

  1. Patricia Deaton says:

    I really like this poem…a lot told in twelve lines. The repetition of “Jack” throughout it increases the intensity for me and makes the voice come alive. Great job, Kyle

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