Patricia Deaton’s “The Signer Prays” after Phillipe Halsman

Philippe Halsman-Marguerite Piazza-1983.10.31-jpg634122052597812500
Phillipe Halsman, “Maguerite Piazza 1953”

Patricia Deaton
after “Maguerite Piazza 1953” by Phillipe Halsman

Fingertips touch lips,
then hands lift out and up,
eyes follow skyward. Open
palm circles over heart, offering
up thanks in a wordless tongue,
silent as flowers blooming. Fingers

asking forgiveness, mark away sin
on palm’s lifeline. Spirit-filled
supplication returns a soundless
song of mercy while motions of praise
take flight, released like white doves
from the soul to God, who hears.

Pat Signs 6-21-14
Photograph of Patricia Deaton provided by Roger and Ginny Sanford

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1 Response to Patricia Deaton’s “The Signer Prays” after Phillipe Halsman

  1. Bud Caywood says:

    Awesome – “signekphrastic” … a new word for Webster?
    Thanks Patricia!

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