Kelly DeMaegd’s “If I Were This Flag” after Roger Lee Ivens

Roger Lee Ivens,”Flag”, Mixed Media

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Flag” by Roger Lee Ivens aka “Ab The Flagman”

You would not check the box on the form
that labels me Caucasian,
turns a blind eye to the mystery,
plentitude, contradiction

that distinguishes me. Like this flag,
my warp and woof is of manifold
heft. I am chair rung, table leg,
bolt, brad, yoke, wood, tin, aluminum.

Scraps of experience, heartache,
triumph, disappointment, love
assembled into a strong, cohesive
whole. There would be no quarrel

over color. I am red, white, blue.
Color of hardiness, innocence,
perseverance. Color of blood, bone, vein.
Proud colors of shared heritage.

Kelly Reads If I WEre This Flag
Kelly DeMaegd reads “If I Were This Flag” on June 21 at the Hickory Museum of Art.
Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford

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