Al Stout’s “A Rider In The Storm” after Danny Robinette

2012.6.1 Robinette-Storm near Rocky Mount
Danny Robinette, “Storm Near Rocky Mount, NC” – oil on canvas

Al Stout
after “Storm Near Rocky Mount, NC” by Danny Robinette

I know the pathology of rainbows.
My bruises are rainbows from the Shiva oils under my skin;
Bill’s mushroom tumors are done in mauve over his bloated stomach.
I came to Rocky Mount and waited in vain.
Ti Jean has left the bar at Loveless Lane for Florida.
I painted him the best I could, shirtless;
The king of life’s pleasure in a generation of Beatitudes
Is tendered by his own bruised Buddha.

Einstein eyes watch out over me in the storm.
The paints are calling.
In the storm I can only hope for a brighter palette, a more personal Roy G. Biv.
There have been no kicks on Route 64,
Unless you find your God in a storm, like Luther.
I plan to leave the colors of my life behind for you,
Like the nautilus on the thin blue line of heaven,
The flood subsides, and the body, like a worn sea-shell emerges strange and lovely
In golden spirals.
I will do better next time.

Al Stout Reads
Photo of Al Stout courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford

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