Nancy Posey’s “Midas Morning” after Wolf Kahn

Windjammer by Wolf Kahn, oil on canvas

Nancy Posey
after “Windjammer” by Wolf Kahn

The morning sun washes all
within reach
in a fresh coat of yellow,
light so stark,
so startling it steals every other color
from the spectrum—

Green trees burn golden.
Seabirds ebony feathers turn tawny.
Ocean blues vanish in the mirrored light
setting the sea on fire.

Even the ships rocking at their moors
melt into the golden mist
and sailors take refuge in the hull
as if they might be turned to stone
by the sun’s Midas touch.

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1 Response to Nancy Posey’s “Midas Morning” after Wolf Kahn

  1. patricia deaton says:

    Love this poem, Nancy! Great imagery.

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