Betty O’Hearn’s “Egret Lovers” after Richard Griffin

“Mates” by Richard Griffin

Betty O’Hearn
Egret Lovers
after “Mates” by Richard Griffin

The tranquil pair stood among
soft whispering umbrage
dipping into murky water.
Mates for this year,
loyal to their nest, still
sentinels, conscientious,
patient for prey.
Dramatic plumes of
Alabaster mane, S-Neck,
shouldering capes of
wispy, delicate panache.
Accomplished with deployed death
blows from yellow razor bills,
victims swallowed whole.
Push off yields in-sync
aviation, from opened
arms, back to their
progenies awaiting lunch.

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1 Response to Betty O’Hearn’s “Egret Lovers” after Richard Griffin

  1. patricia deaton says:

    What a great poem, Betty. Wonderful descriptions to impart one of nature’s tales.

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