Dick Boyd’s “Beguiling Artistry” after Ruth Ava Lyons

“Oceanic Alchemies XIV” by Ruth Ava Lyons

Dick Boyd
after “Oceanic Alchemies XIV” by Ruth Ava Lyons

Playing on the emotions and senses so profoundly
like knowing, but being restricted from descriptions
that want to emerge and encompass what is beheld.
A magnitude of colors, hues and shapes compel,
but escape fleetingly, too overly captivating
to congeal the whole into singular reference.

Oh! To immerse oneself into that beckoning containment
of beauty in answer to the sirens wistful calls
that would bring a blissful drowning in euphoria
amongst those restraining compelling raptures
of webbing, and raptures of beauty.
Submitting to hopeful entwinement and absorption,
to forever become a part of this wonderment.

Best it would be to have deflected the eyes
and gazed elsewhere without hesitation.
A glance, perhaps, but to linger assures capture,
being bound by beauty, allowing no escape.

And the sounds, though there were none,
echo through the mind, embedding deeply.
The ocean’s magical essence of smell permeates
taking further control of emotions and senses.
An ambient and unusual pulsing tingles flesh.
Harmonious vibrations are emitted
from the myriad colors and configurations.

Can this transformation possibly exist?
Or has this mind been bent, expanded
and rendered capable of appreciations,
understanding; that previously did not exist.

Dick Boyd AOP Dec 2014
Dick Boyd at the Art of Poetry event on December 13, 2014 at Hickory Museum of Art.
Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

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