Patricia Deaton’s “Thinking Outside the Bio Box” after James Harold Jennings

Bio Box by James Harold Jennings, mixed media

Patricia Deaton
after “Bio Box” by James Harold Jennings

I can hear your mother calling,
all three names in a shout,
in trouble for painting things
red, white and blue; colors
you can’t live without.

All belted with pouches and cross-
body purse, you favor a crown
and what could be worse than king
and bus driver all rolled into one;
your kingdom, your station
a colorful stall with a star
of David hung on the wall.

When the moose and white cat
shall lie down with the lamb
and the bus with the crocodile
roars into town with Jesus inside
on a midnight run, will you charge
Him a fare, just for fun?

Pat Deaton Reading Thinking Outside the Bio Box
Patricia Deaton reads her poem at Hickory Museum of Art on December 13. 2014. The 3rd floor Folk Art exhibit, where this poem is located, is an ongoing exhibit. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

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1 Response to Patricia Deaton’s “Thinking Outside the Bio Box” after James Harold Jennings

  1. Great work, as usual, Patricia. Ann Chandonnet

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