Join Us Saturday, March 28 at 2 PM For Art of Poetry and Kelly DeMaegd’s “Annie Talks To The Sheriff” after Carl Moser

The next Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art is this Saturday, March 28 beginning at 2 pm. There are 13 poets sharing over 20 works. The event is free and open to the public. Hope those in the area for Poetry Day 2015 at CVCC will also join us for the tour.

Below is a poem from our last event on December 13, 2014, Kelly DeMaegd’s “Annie Talks To The Sheriff”.

Annie Talks
Annie Call, photography by Carl Moser

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Annie Call” by Carl Moser

That gravel-pit geologist whispered to me
I was as wild as these remote
mountain ridges, cheekbones chiseled
like thrust-faulted sedimentary stone.
Got me to believing I was special –
then he up and disappeared. I was the same
age as Ruby, knowed what it’s like
to be sweet-talked out of something.

Did I tell you she’s carrying
my boy’s child? He ran off, enlisted
in the army so she came here to stay,
no kin would have her.

Early this morning I reached over
for Ronnie. He was gone. Left me a dent
and a cold spot under the covers.
Surely, I thought, he would not take from his own flock.
At breakfast Ruby fixed and stirred
her coffee, pushed the pitcher across the table,
refused to lift her eyes, helped
herself to cream without my say-so.

I slammed outside to dig sweet potatoes
out of good ground while Ronnie, hunched over,
pitched them into a basket. Couldn’t stop myself,
raised my hoe towards heaven,
brought it down hard, crying the whole time
like Jesus to his disciples,
anything hidden will be revealed.
Split Ronnie’s head like a melon.

No need to worry about me, though,
I’ll be okay.
Ain’t nothing around here
can’t be done by a woman.

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