Melissa Hager’s “Noblesse Oblige” after Lillian Trettin

“Mountain Shaman” collage by Lillian Trettin

Melissa Hager
after “Mountain Shaman” by Lillian Trettin

Like Maw taught, she grabs
hapless fat hen, breaks neck
in one swift twist, no nonsense
matter of fact, needs Sunday
dinner STAT. Waves her magic
hands granting seasons to plucked
skin. She has Victory in Jesus,
dances in darkness ‘neath bulbous
moon else spied by congregational
members. They like her cookin’
but not if secured by Devil
moves. Chicken and dumplings
sure to cure what ails, greasy
hands be damned.

Melissa Hager reads her poem at the Hickory Museum of Art on June 20, 2015. The museum will be the site of the Face to Face in the Foothills Poetry Gathering September 18 and 19, 2015. Co-sponsored by Hickory Museum of Art and Art of Poetry, the event will feature poetry readings, workshops, open mics, and, of course, ekphrastic poetry opportunities! For more information click HERE
Photo courtesy of Ginny and Roger Sanford.

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3 Responses to Melissa Hager’s “Noblesse Oblige” after Lillian Trettin

  1. It took me awhile, but I finally landed upon this entry. Melissa’s poem resonates for me, it enriches the cut-paper collage. My art work is often narrative in style, but it can’t “narrate” in the same way that a poem does. Pairing art work and poetry looks like productive ground for collaboration; I will look into it! Very inspiring, thanks Melissa.

    • missmellibrary says:

      Thank you for your comments, Lillian. It was my honor to write the poem about your wonderful collage. Being a mountain girl, your work immediately brought images of my grandmother preparing meals for shut-ins and the bereaved. It was her way to heal. Kind of like art and poetry, yes?

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