Nancy Posey’s “Unfinished” after Paul Whitener

Nancy Posey
after “Unfinished Landscape, mid 20th C.” by Paul Whitener

The sonnet stopped at thirteen lines,
short by mere syllables, its volta

And as the symphony
played out, the conductor held his baton
aloft then froze, as the audience
leaned forward in their seats, eager
for one last note, humming it
inside their heads.

This painting,
begun in a flood of memory,
awaits my brush, but the trees
along my Sunday drive
into the Blue Ridge
begin to evanesce.

Penciled calculations hold the place
where clouds will nestle in, long-leaf
pines will rise to fill the canvas.

Nancy Posey stands in front of the Paul Whitener painting at the September 19, 2015 Art of Poetry Event at Hickory Museum of Art. Nancy co-coordinated the Fall Face to Face in the Foothills Poetry Gathering with Jane Shlensky. Art of Poetry and Hickory Museum of Art were honored to be sponsors of the two day workshop.
Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

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2 Responses to Nancy Posey’s “Unfinished” after Paul Whitener

  1. An unfinished painting. How unusual for it to be hung! And what an unusual subject!

  2. patricia deaton says:

    Nice one, Nancy!! Love it.

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