Kelly DeMaegd’s “Swadeshi” after Steve McCurry

Kelly DeMaegd reads her poem next to Steve McCurry’s photograph taken in Porbandar, India. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Tailor in Monsoon, Porbandar, India” by Steve McCurry

It was the bursting of monsoon,
frantic neighbors packed
belongings in baskets,
he recited Gandhi’s
spiritual imperative,
comforting mantra,
Produce it in the village,
use it in the village.
Eat homegrown food,
use homemade goods,
discard mill-made garments
imported from England.
Spin your own yarn,
weave your own cloth,
sew your own clothes,
avoid economic dependence,
start a non-violent revolution.

Do not be fooled,
this solitary, joyful, determined
man is not rescuing
a sewing machine.
Through swollen waters,
hoisted to his shoulder,
he is supporting a movement,
swimming against the current,
fighting fatigue, forever
searching for higher ground.

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2 Responses to Kelly DeMaegd’s “Swadeshi” after Steve McCurry

  1. The tailor’s smile says it all–grace and good humor in the face of poverty, lousy weather, so many kinds of adversity. You captured it well, Kelly.

  2. Retha Davis says:

    Cool take on this picture Kelly ………. love that you made the guy a noble dissident.

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