Doug McHargue’s “Orange Is Louder Than Words” after Steve McCurry

Doug McHargue reads her work on Setember 19, 2015 at Art of Poetry. The next event is Saturday, December 12 at Hickory Museum of Art. Please join us at 2 pm at the museum’s front lobby entrance. Art of Poetry is free and open to the public. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Doug McHargue
after “Elderly Man, India” by Steve McCurry

He’s strutted all his life,
this exotic bird flaming
the world with plumage
fit for the stage he’s walked
across so many times,
memorized so many lines
they’re etched into his face,
eyes slipping a little now,
looking down that road
we all say we’re going

About missmellibrary

A children's librarian who loves to excite youth about reading!
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2 Responses to Doug McHargue’s “Orange Is Louder Than Words” after Steve McCurry

  1. Douglas Anne McHargue says:

    Ann, thanks, and I’m glad that you still check in with us!
    Happy Holidays,

  2. Doug, you always come up with wonderfully different tacks! Good for you, and Happy Holidays.

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