Melissa Hager’s “Slice of Life” after Claes Oldenburg

Art of Poetry had a nice turnout for the event on Saturday, March 19 at Hickory Museum of Art.  Check back next week for a new poem and photos from the gathering.

imageMelissa Hager reads her poem based on the Claes Oldenburg artwork at the December 12, 2015 Art of Poetry event. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford

Melissa Hager
after “Pizza, 1964” by Claes Oldenburg

Bequeathed by cultured peninsula
down the Mediterranean way,
each slice a personality,
beatific character,
in the world’s perfect entree.
Five food groups encompassed
in one sumptuous pie.

Worldwide appeal, foundation –
fat dough or flat crusty creation –
toppings fill the colors of a rainbow.
Creamy sauce or red tomato,
sauceless in Sausalito.
Vegan pizza possible,
only rivaled by tacos.

Dessert in cream cheese –
apples, cherries, peaches,
chocolate chips or cocoa drizzle,
cinnamon so fine. Dine in, take out,
your call, it is delivered.
Every pizza, a personal statement.
Pie perfection, makes one whole.

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3 Responses to Melissa Hager’s “Slice of Life” after Claes Oldenburg

  1. As a food writer, of course I like food poems. Never saw that Oldenburg work before; nice for a kitchen, although that might give Oldenburg the creeps–as if it were not taken seriously and used only “decoratively.” Cheers!

  2. Melissa Hager says:

    Thank you so much, Kelly! Pizza, pizza!

  3. Kelly DeMaegd says:

    A poem about pizza – what could be better! Well done, Mel, I love it!

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