Beverly Finney’s “Zen Moment” after Steve McCurry

Beverly Finney talks about the Steve McCurry photograph behind the poem she created for Art of Poetry on March 19, 2016. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Beverly Finney
after “Intha Fisherman Paddles His Boat Along Inle Lake” by Steve McCurry

That breathless
exhilarating moment
of deep knowing,

the hush parted
by a single word
whispered into the air,

winding like a thread
of smoke into your
awaiting, echoing

in its small voice
fine delicate umber
circles of insight

that casts you one
with all things in a warm
soft sepia wash,

perched like an egret
on the long toes
of one foot,

on the tip of understanding
dipping low in the waters
of wisdom,

caught in the fading
light at the end
of the day,

alone, poised,


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