Kelly DeMaegd’s “Miles Davis” after James Biggers


At the March 19, 2016 event, Art of Poetry’s Kelly DeMaegd reads her piece that’s got the rhythm Miles Davis brought to his music and what the photographer James Biggers captured in his untitled work that inspired her. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Untitled” by James Biggers

done birthing the cool
windows open
listens all night

whistles, noise, city
gritty sidewalk talk
poised for a new beat

be-bop mixed with hip-hop
needs producer Young Easy’s
abilities, Easy Mo Bee

lays down six tracks, steps back
legendary Miles Davis
kicks out the melody

no throbbing vibrato
round sound, attitude down
shoo-bop, doo-bop

car horns blast
glass kicks back
chrome lets go

Sir Miles
yeah, Miles
just blows


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