Melissa Hager’s “Transcendence” after Steve McCurry

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Art of Poetry’s Melissa Hager is pictured reading her poem “Transcendence” in front of the Steve McCurry photograph that inspired her – and Scott Owens. Scott’s poem “Three Figures Coming or Going,” featured on Art of Poetry March 28, was based on three Steve McCurry photographs. This McCurry work is the third photo for Scott’s poem. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Melissa Hager
after “Shaolin Monastery” by Steve McCurry

Buddhist monks renounce the world,
obtain spiritual rebirth
through constant prayer, mindful
celebration of life. Laughing
Buddha eschewed man’s attempt
to compartmentalize humanity;
carnal rules and stigmas bear no hold
in Nirvana. The answer is simple,
love and be loved. Jettison
the wall that attempts to box
life in, smiling all the way.



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1 Response to Melissa Hager’s “Transcendence” after Steve McCurry

  1. Love “jettison the wall.”

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