Patricia Deaton’s “At The Center of a Colored-Pencil Sun” after Faith Davis

imagePatricia Deaton reads her poem at the June 18, 2016 Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art beside the Faith Davis photograph.  Many poetic works this quarter were inspired by the Catawba Valley Camera Club’s winning photography. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Patricia Deaton
after “Creative Love” by Faith Davis

I have seen how colors shape a heart and I am inspired

to write a sentence for each day in my ordinary life;

try rainbow colors to pen history and mood. I’m sure

I’ll write a lot with green since I have a knack for nurturing

now that I take the time. Black is so familiar. I won’t

pick yellow –too cautionary, and passion’s lusty red

will likely stay un-optioned in the box. Divine chance

can color life that way. Maybe I’ll close my eyes to select

a fortuitous shade. Then, if white spills from pensive

scrawl and appears on paper as nothing at all, this

will mean that some days should remain a blank page.

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1 Response to Patricia Deaton’s “At The Center of a Colored-Pencil Sun” after Faith Davis

  1. “How colors shape a heart”–lovely!

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