Doug McHargue’s “Out of the Cubicle” after Malia Bryngelson

“Out of the Cubicle” is read by Doug McHargue next to the artwork that inspired her at the June 2016 Art of Poetey event.

Douglas McHargue
after “Happy Camper” by Malia Bryngelson

He is cubicle white
under fluorescence,
pale papers flutter
from doughy fingers
to manicured bosses,
office chicks snicker
like beer pong divas
at his back,
work anemic amnesia.

Darkness, but we see him,
do not see the tent
he has slept in, dreamed
he is boss
and they love him,
his benevolence,
five coffee breaks
all-day donuts
pink copy paper for divas
cigars for the guys
office cruises to Cuba
twelve week vacations.

Do not break camp,
tonight he is the fire.

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A children's librarian who loves to excite youth about reading!
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