Kelly DeMaegd’s “Of This Earth” after Albert Hodge


Kelly DeMaegd introduces her poem beside the Albert Hodge pottery that inspired her at the June 2016 Art of Poetry event. The Folk Art 3rd floor of Hickory Museum of Art is  a permanent display. Be sure to check it out!

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Face Jug” by Albert Hodge

Whisper the words of Elihu.

Hitch mules, load picks,
mattocks, head to the clayhole,
gouge down eight feet,
through orange loam,

strike a vein of gleaming gray.
Dig mud, dip water,
dig mud, fill wagon,
haul to the pug mill.

Grind into fine particles,
remove air bubbles, drag
to wedging bench, cover
with wet burlap, repeat

the words of Elihu,
I too have been
formed out of clay.
Center ball on wheel,

cup work-cracked hands,
hands that cajole
worth from lowly soil,
hands that understand

how to coax creation upwards.

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2 Responses to Kelly DeMaegd’s “Of This Earth” after Albert Hodge

  1. We own several pieces by Hodge, whose work is now available at the Smithsonian gift shop. I’m proud to have one of his wolves.

  2. Patricia Deaton says:

    Kelly, This a fine poem. Love it!

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