Betty O’Hearn’s “Blood Lover” after Erin Gray


Though her new groom is far from a blood sucking vampire – Roger Link is a great guy! – Betty O’Hearn’s sexy poem after Erin Gray’s photograph heralds forbidden love.  Congratulations to Betty and Roger; may your life journey together be one amazing trip! Photo of Betty O’Hearn at the June 18, 2016 Art of Poetry event courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Betty O’Hearn
after “Vampire Tears” by Erin Gray

You loved me for centuries.
Now, left me for another.
On that mountain of field flowers,
kissed by the moon, you tortured
my senses with lust.
My inamorato for a lifetime,
memories linger from the pleasure
met with pain as you took me
into a dark abyss that changed me forever.
You wanted to break me and you did.
Promised immortality.
Promised everlasting beauty.
Two puncture marks began a life I chose.
There is no scorn, as I love you unconditionally.
My red tears are a remembrance
of the blood you took from me.
We will no longer drink our food
together. Kill me. I may be dead but
I only live with and through you, my love.
End my suffering and be done with me.
I will not be without you.

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1 Response to Betty O’Hearn’s “Blood Lover” after Erin Gray

  1. Patricia Deaton says:

    This is great. Love it.

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