Beverly Finney’s “So Much Love In Those Hands” after Stirling Thompson


Wonderful audience for our Art of Poetry event on Saturday, September 17 at Hickory Museum of Art.  We will be posting poems from this AOP in the coming weeks. Thanks to all who joined us.


Beverly Finney shares her poem at the June 18, 2016 Art of Poetry. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Beverly Finney
after “Love” by Stirling Thompson

Hands reaching out, touching, caressing,
cradling a beloved face for a kiss.
Gently cautioning, beckoning, offering,
encouraging and celebrating.

Hands wringing in worry, signaling
stop, pushing away what threatens.
Soothing a fevered brow, holding a cup
to dry lips, cleaning up after sickness.

Consoling hands, reassuring, forgiving,
praising and quietly praying.
Hands slicing and dicing, mixing, stirring,
gently shaping a crust, deftly fluting its edge.

Hands that dust, sweep, clean toilets,
wash the sheets, fold underwear and socks.
Plant dahlias and daffodils, pull weeds,
gather bright bouquets for sharing.

Hands that sign get well cards, write “Happy
Birthday,” “Merry Christmas” and “I love you.”
Hands turning pages in a favorite shared story,
pointing to pictures with exclamations.

Tucking in for the night, stroking tousled hair,
smoothing the pillow, turning out the light.
Slapping knees at a funny story, keeping
time to the music, waving hello and goodbye.

Hands. Busy hands and firm ones, those soft
and tender, strong and weathered, frail ones.
Hands that speak with expression, quiet hands.
Hands open, warm and welcoming even strangers.

Hands for working, connecting, and caring.
Hands for lifting up and living every moment.
Hands for reminding what matters in the end.
Hands, so much love in those hands.

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