Jane Shlensky’s “Horizons” after Fanjoy Labrenz


Poet Jane Shlensky was inspired by the Fanjoy Labrenz piece pictured above.  Art of Poetry’s Betty O’Hearn shared “Horizons” with the audience at the September 17, 2016 event at Hickory Museum of Art.  Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Jane Shlensky
after “Aurora 12” by Fanjoy Labrenz

What of earth is really sky?
What of sky has dropped to dwell
on mountain peaks, seas, valleys, plains?
What cloud gods live above,
fall down to rise again like mist,
their essence rose and gold at dawn
their blessing blueing, moonlight kissed?

The stuff of life rises and falls,
bright waves crashing on rocks and sand,
sweet hope reaching to take our hands
and guide us to look closely, cherish, hold
whatever kindness chooses to unfold.
Whether it raises us up or kneels us down
hardly matters. Gift is ours, now.
And now. And now.

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