Nancy Posey’s “Impromptu Concert Before Cleanup” after Andy Warhol

imageArt of Poetry welcomes poets to be inspired by exhibits at Hickory Museum of Art from across the miles. Nancy Posey, who moved to Nashville last year, was inspired by this iconic Andy Warhol piece and shared this lovely poem with us. Art of Poetry’s Kelly DeMaegd is photographed reading the work at the December 3, 2016 event. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Nancy Posey
after “After the Party” by Andy Warhol

The last to leave are searching for their coats
and wraps, bestowing lingering hugs,
kisses wetter, truer as they say
goodbyes, false air kisses long forgotten,
their moods less melancholy now, wine-soaked,
their bellies full, their feet still sore
from dancing, high heels teetering in the grass,
their cars retrieved by college boys on hire
as valet parkers, beer buzzes less apparent
to the guests, far tipsier themselves.

Gathering the empty bottles, glasses,
Nico wets his finger, starts to spin it
‘round the wine glass lip, makes it sing.
His brother Marco sets his tray down
on the lawn, begins his circling too,
creates a sweeter note, an eerie harmony.
The other hired man, the one who kept
to himself, never said his name, begins
a steady rhythm, long dark fingers drumming
on the folding chairs, and for the first time
that night, his face relaxes in a smile.

A symphony of serving pieces, glassware,
clinking, singing, ringing, a steady bass line
rides beneath their melody, two parts doo wop
one part hip hop, wordless song ushers in
the real party, clean-up crew emerging from shadows,
then filling trays, transporting their makeshift
instruments into the service kitchen for the night.

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1 Response to Nancy Posey’s “Impromptu Concert Before Cleanup” after Andy Warhol

  1. I hear the music, hear it clearly!

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