Kelly DeMaegd’s “Years Later” after James Biggers



Art of Poetry’s Kelly DeMaegd released her first book of poetry this week, WISH AND SPIT. Rich in images from her past – and present – one can divine what has shaped this amazing poet. Congratulations, Kelly!  Above is a photo of Kelly at the March 2016 gathering reading “Years Later”, an almost prescient title for her forthcoming book. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Kelly DeMaegd
after “Untitled” by James Biggers

We talked about

the out-of-work sailors
standing at the bar
arguing about Nixon, price of gas

how we had no business there
underage, Thursday afternoon
laying down tens,
drinking pitchers of beer,
debating Mata Hari
exhibitionist or artiste
taking bets
who would be high
scorer on the Big Flipper

counting the number of times
we shoved quarters in the Rock-Ola
singing, Pack up all my cares and woes,
feeling low, here I go
while Miles blows the trumpet

taking one last look
at the jukebox
envious of its
sensuous, undulating curves
before stumbling into dusk
negative ten degrees

seeing the buck
eight points
swinging from a tree.

March 2015 AOP

Next Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art is Saturday, March 18 beginning at 2 pm. Please join us as we celebrate the WOMAN MADE exhibit.

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5 Responses to Kelly DeMaegd’s “Years Later” after James Biggers

  1. Douglas Anne McHargue says:

    Kelly, this is a winner – I really like that last stanza!

  2. Very clever. And I’ve enjoyed your book, too.
    What are the footprints??

  3. patricia deaton says:

    This is great, Kelly. I always look forward to hearing or reading your work…always so thought provoking. Your new book, “Wish and Spit”, is a masterpiece!! Bravo!!

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