Beth King’s “Purpling Assertion” after Denise Lisiecki

imageBeth King shares her poem with the audience at the March 18, 2017 Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Beth King
After “Aspects of Creativity” by Denise Lisiecki

Purpling Wads of Paper
Crumpled Carelessly in
Cat-like Clever Metaphors
Of Imagination; Floral; Enfolded
In Fabric Fiestas- Not Fancy or False

But Pure- – – Daffodil-Daisy Pure
The Child Mind is Pure
Before Adult’s Onslaught
Into Maturity.

I Color Myself a Child
I Use Crayons to Journal
I Use Crayons to Dream
I Use Crayons to Sign
My Name of Perfect Innocence.

I Refuse Induction into
the Snake Charm Oil-
Humbug Ruled Universe
Of Adult Maturity.

I Shall Lie on the Grass
Draw Flowers on the Clouds
Sing to the Butterflies
Hug the Trees and the Birds
And Holler-Sing to the Full Moon
With all the Red Cats of the World.

I Refuse Your Universe
Of Adulterated Adulthood
And Choose My Own

My Own Reality
Of the Free-Spirited Child
Forever and Forever

I Cast My Soul-Self Upon
The Altars of all Creativity
And Stand, No Play as a Child
Through Everlasting Eternity.

This is My Heaven.
What is Yours?

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3 Responses to Beth King’s “Purpling Assertion” after Denise Lisiecki

  1. Douglas Anne McHargue says:

    Beth, I really like that fourth stanza, plus all those “Red cats of the world”! Lots of creativity on your part!

  2. pat deaton says:

    What a unique poem, Beth, and you read so beautifully. Love this!!!

  3. Kelly DeMaegd says:

    First a GREAT title and then a wonderful poem….Nice job, Beth!

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