Kelly DeMaegd’s “Not My Story” after Kara Elizabeth Walker

imageArt of Poetry’s Kelly DeMaegd wrote her poem after the sculpted book by Kara Elizabeth Walker located in the upper left of the photo.  Photo courtesy of Roger and Ginny Sanford.

Kelly DeMaegd
After “Freedom: A Fable” by Kara Elizabeth Walker

I revere certain institutions:
concert halls, libraries, museums.

I speak in low tones, walk
delicately, sit or stand

quiet and thoughtful when presented
with another person’s art.

But not here, not today.
I want to smash this window,

crowbar the lock from this case,
grab the book, Freedom: A Fable

and hold it in my hands.
Thumb the pages, read the words,

try to understand what is meant
by A curious interpretation

of the wit of a Negress
in troubled times. I want to jump

inside, walk among
the silhouettes. I could do it,

no one would know.
I would be nothing

but a beige smudge next to
the laser sharp black.

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