Details for September Art of Poetry Submissions

imageFollowing are details for the next Art of Poetry at the Hickory Museum of Art:

The submission deadline is September 2, 2017 and the reading will be September 16 at 2 pm.

To submit, simply go to the museum and write poems about the works on exhibit. Please note the dates of eligible exhibits below. Submissions should:
-include name of the artist and the title of the inspiring work
-be typed in the body of an email (do not send attachments)
-be sent to Kelly DeMaegd at
-Art of Poetry will use no more than 3 poems per individual poet
-Art of Poetry reserves the right to decline work that may not be appropriate in content, or of literary quality as determined by its panel of judges. Poems that are overtly political or religious in nature, or poems that are not appropriate for all ages, will not be considered for this program.

Approximately 20 poems will be selected to be displayed at the museum and to be read by the author (or selected substitute reader) at the reading. The reading is free and open to the public. Audiences have ranged from 15 to 45 people. After the reading, with permission of the poet and artist, poems will be posted on the Art of Poetry website at

Eligible exhibits are as follows:

ENDANGERED: Joel Sartore Retrospective
Binder at the 2nd floor Floor Reception Desk – Available July 18)**** Exhibit opens September 16,
PAST LIVES: Brian Lackey Installation (Through September 17, 1st floor Shuford, Regal & Gifford Galleries)
MICKEY & PAUL: The Early Days (July 22 – January, 1st floor Whitener Gallery)
BEER TYPE LOGOS: Matt Everley (Through September 17, 1st floor Entrance gallery
Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection (Ongoing, 2nd floor Windows Gallery
ANIMAL MENAGERIE: Sam Passantino (Ongoing, 2nd floor Objects Gallery)
Glass from the Permanent Collection (Ongoing, 2nd floor Objects Gallery)
DISCOVER FOLK ART (Ongoing, 3rd floor)

Reminder: If you have not signed up for the William Wright workshop on September 23, 2017, please contact Betty O’Hearn at for the registration form.

Hope to have your poetry in the next Art of Poetry event!

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