Beth King’s “Full Moon in the Leaves” after Brian Lackey

imageBeth King photographed June 17, 2017 at Hickory Museum of Art for Art of Poetry as she shares her poem inspired by the Brian Lackey collage sculpture. Photo courtesy of Gin Hurley.

Beth King
After “Past Lives” by Brian Lackey

Full Budding Moon in the Leaves; A Spring
Primrose and Trillium Conscience; Still
A Forecast of a Heartfelt Summer;
Prayers in Easter’s Evening of Restoration.

Sometimes, I Confess, I Do Just Sit
And Think; Sometimes, I Do Just Sit;
But, I Risk Reprisal and Reprimand
Being Labeled Libelously Indolent.

I Persist in My Being Me; Resolute;
Twine of Red Yarn; Tangled Within
A Bride-To-Be’s Endless Reverie;
The Absent Groom’s Undoing.

It’s the Witch Moss That Betrays Me;
I Know Inside Me, I Could Never Be That
Fluffy-Haired Girl Living Inside the Box;
Poetry, Like Jesus, Has Freed Me.

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2 Responses to Beth King’s “Full Moon in the Leaves” after Brian Lackey

  1. Douglas Anne McHargue says:

    Very creative and mystical, Beth!

  2. patricia says:

    Beth, Your poems are always so intriguing and beautifully written. Love this!!

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