Betty O’Hearn’s “Ninkasi’s Brew” after Matt Everley

imageArt of Poetry’s Betty O’Hearn kicked off the museum tour with her poem inspired by Matt Everley’s beer logo on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Hickory Museum of Art.

BettyGrace O’Hearn
After “Beer Type Logos” by Matt Everley

Many people enjoy this sudsy beverage.
The earth’s most widely consumed libation of
alcoholic content goes way back to as early as
Fifth millennium BCE.

The Great Pyramids were built by slaves who
were given four to five liters of beer daily,
crucial to the construction to provide
nourishment and liquid in tortuous heat.

The Goddess of Beer, Ninkasi put the
recipe for Samarian beer on a tablet in
1800 BCE. A goddess born to sparkling fresh
water, her favorite drink was beer.

Through centuries, cultures developed
their own recipes with various alcohol
content along with addictive herbs. No wonder
people loved beer!

Huge profits were made on the high seas
from ships from around the world bringing
different brews. Pirate’s monitored shipments
and took over beer cargos.

Orchid Island, FL was the sight of a hurricane
landing in 1715. Ship manifests noted it
was a huge cargo of beer from the colonies
to Spain.

Looking at this sign makes your tongue curl
for a cold one as you sit on the pier on a
hot summer day. Don’t forget to thank

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2 Responses to Betty O’Hearn’s “Ninkasi’s Brew” after Matt Everley

  1. Love the last line. I have become a Guinness fan. Let’s go walking from pub to pub in Cornwall.

  2. “cur for a cold one”–an excellent phrase

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