Brenda Smith’s “Weavers Call It Fugitive Dye” after Brian Lackey

imageBrenda Smith photographed discussing her poem inspired by Brian Lackey. Art of Poetry gathered September 16, 2017 at Hickory Museum of Art.

Brenda Smith
After “Past Lives” by Brian Lackeya

Particular sources of color, fugitive dyes
plants that stain
but do not stick around
unreliable, possessing no permanence
running from washing water
or dissolving into the light
gone, gone

The brilliant burgundy red of the beet
abhors light and hides
still there, but only an echo of its true self
a fugitive from the laws of pigment, it runs
runs from the surface of the fabric
fades into the illuminating light
becomes one with it
only the suitcase left behind

A fugitive, fading
running from its intended purpose
grasping true to the laws of nature
a prisoner escaping to freedom
through a light-filled window
leaving behind only a fading stain
a remembrance of its essence
the root, the berry, the blossom

Not even stains, these dyes
Memories, still fleeing


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1 Response to Brenda Smith’s “Weavers Call It Fugitive Dye” after Brian Lackey

  1. Brenda, This is a super poem. Congratulations!

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