Tracy Hawkins’s “Hanging Balls With Sticks” after Jonathan Brilliant

imageTracy Hawkins photographed with the whimsical sculpture that inspired her at the June 17, 2017 Art of Poetry event at Hickory Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of Gin Hurley.

Tracy Hawkins
After “Building a Smaller Universe” by Jonathan Brilliant

Wrapped in your love
You got me tightly wrapped
The three of us holding it together
We being so uniquely made
We being of different shapes and shades
Not so easily broken
We shall not be divided
We are connected to each other as one
We are knitted ever so delicately
It took time
To weave this union ever so perfectly
The bond we share
Nothing will ever compare
We shall never again be in despair
Cause what keeps me close to you
Has nothing to do with tape or glue
We are flowing together with so much love
Floating in the air like doves
Watching everyone from above
It is just the three of us
GOD, me and you

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1 Response to Tracy Hawkins’s “Hanging Balls With Sticks” after Jonathan Brilliant

  1. A really wonderful poem–although I find the sculpture a bit weird!

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