Bud Caywood’s “Morning Arrives At An Oblique Angle” after Stephen Brooks

June 21 -14 AOP
Photograph provided by Roger and Ginny Sanford

June 21, 2014 found a lovely turnout for Art of Poetry at the Hickory Museum of Art. Many thanks to those who joined us and/or contributed poetry. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 20 for the next Art of Poetry. Eligible exhibits and guidelines will be posted at a later date. To receive the latest updates and posted works, be sure to subscribe to our blog.

The first featured work from the June 21 Art of Poetry is from our dear friend, Bud Caywood. His poem was inspired by a Stephen Brooks painting.

Stephen Brooks, “Ianus”, oil on canvas

Bud Caywood
after “Ianus” by Stephen Brooks

Angled light fuses through slight openings,
stuck like pollen on my pupils.
My breath, heavy from walking
the bright kaleidoscope corridor
folds in on itself in the chilled hours of morning air –
my body shudders, exiled in color,
unable to call forth its own warmth,
my cheekbones glow, all is silent.
The day begins like a steep ledge.
It will be long before I climb over,
before orange light will wash down over me,
and show my face again.

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